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by  my friend ,Winfred P.Adams USAF major retired

I was looking for my friend Winfred P. Adams USAF major retired , I found his work @ Help Paul, – year 2013 -TRUDY REED CHASE – Impostor -MAGISTRATE – I said ” and your a judge ?”My experience with a Kangaroo Court!

November 12, 2018JESSENE ROE BEECROFT -PMA – TrusteeEdit”I was looking for my friend Winfred P. Adams USAF major retired , I found his work @ Help Paul, – year 2013 -TRUDY REED CHASE – Impostor -MAGISTRATE – I said ” and your a judge ?”My experience with a Kangaroo Court!”    
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HELP PAUL. This is a messed up letter writing for hours. I need you. In addition, I think I can help you. I think I almost disrobed Judge Reed, San Juan County N.M. 11th judicial District . I do not know. However, Help Please been looking for you a couple years I still have your card, But. I’M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU —–I had to go to court DECEMBER 3 2013 in front of that Reed and half to go back in ten days from the 3rd. Only you would believe. Ok September 10 2013 2 sheriffs bring my sister Candy Beecroft to my place 1903 Highway 511 she was beat up from her boyfriend Kirk Garris ,They said if I need any more help call them they helped her but then September 12 2013 I called 911 causing and on . However, Kirk leaves I call back being considerate of taxpayers’ money, tell them he left and I know they will not do shirt unless see. 20 or 30 mins later Dan Ashburn San Juan County Sheriff shows up my sis and I trying to block back way of Kirk and get firewood it is in back of property 2 and half acre . I told him that i already called back and said we did not need help. He starts talking, sis has bruises from last fight, huge all over her, she was in shorts .That cop ask if it was only verbal she said “yes.” He acted as if she was in trouble, he asks to talk and he walked her away from me. He then asks me to walk a little way. In addition, if he could have five mins of time. I, dumb, dumb. He said, “I don’t know if it’s true but “your sister says you were smoking pot in trailer earlier. I know it’s almost legal”. I said, “What she hasn’t even been in there today. “I SHOCKED. He says well he already knows and it smelled strong when he walked up earlier. He says if I give him leftovers and pipe cause he already knew we smoked because my sis said “and if you don’t want go jail, give it to me.” “You will not be arrested and will not go to jail. I said, “Well there might be a crumb in there.” No bigger than pinky finger, flat fry green leaf. I told him, “My friend in Colorado grew it a year ago”. My place a mess ,I had a wood pipe handed it to him .Sitting on the counter, a blender with dry male stems, not more than 5 grams sure a year old lid off all dusty ,he says “ is that all you have?” I see my blender, he looks straight at it. “If you want that trash,” I said. He took it to his truck says, “thank you, at least you did not go jail.” He kept asking if I had pounds of bud or dead bodies. I said, “Maybe it’s the trash. “He goes to his truck, walks back; ask if I have a Walmart bag he could put it in. On my porch was a heavy old Dillard’s bag. He almost dumps it, looks at me and asks, “Is it ok to dump it, just like this?” “Well ya”. I MEAN IT WAS YELLOW LIKE HAY, dust, he leaves thank me. SAYS “AT LEAST YOU DIDN’T GO TO JAIL”, I WAS ALMOST Laughing not showing it thou. September 18 2013, I heard someone walk up on my porch. Door open. I walked to the door. “Jessene, or Ms. Beecroft”? , yea”. San Juan County Sheriff says, “He has a warrant for my arrest.” Shocked “WHAT, WHAT FOR?” “Wasn’t deputy Ashburn out the other day? I said “ya but, he said”, ” did he say he wasn’t gonna arrest you?” Mauldin follows me up to moms. I tell her what is going on. I told her, “He says he has a warrant but I haven’t seen one. My mom loves God given Medicine. She is 67. She says, “Where’s the warrant?” He put hand on gun, angry and forceful, “he demanded “Come on, I am not gonna stand here argue with your mom all day.” I felt he would harm my mom, and/or I, so I went. Only because he forced me to. Two days in jail , $2000.00 bond. I have no money; very hard times .I told that to Ashburn after he said, “I could get a license for it.” I am broke, register car, insurance, and no gas. In addition, cops stole my truck when I totaled it hitting 2 black cows, at night. Living on roadkill. Ashburn said, “That’s against law too.” They said judges were all gone for a week. They did not know why. So I could not go to court 7 days, I had to beg for $200 from sister that owes me. To get out .They told my mom when she called, that I would go to court Monday, this was Wednesday .I have bullshit warrant and criminal complaint. No victim, no injured party. Court: Judge Carla Dial acts weird, real nice to me, she kept saying repeatedly, before my case. “I don’t want anyone’s rights violated in here I don’t want any ones rights violated in here. I plead no cont. but she said “you gonna listen to the jailhouse lawyer?” My friend’s son 26. I have never been in trouble except 1994 and 1989 or close, DWI s. I do not drink any more. I am so alone, all my friends gone, hurt lost. Anyway, Dial says, “Well you know if it gets thrown out it will still say on www. Whatever, that you plead no contest so I changed it to not guilty. Dial asked if I was going to get a public defender, I said “yes”. However, did not even have 10 dollars to apply for one. I had to wait, till the next day. Costs a lot for gas and so on. Ruth Baldwin, public defender, I made an appointment .The clerk freaked out “well you probably will just see her right before the court, the day of hearing. She even asked why I wanted to talk to her. I said “about my case”, she said, “anything I can help you with”. “No”, Ruth says she is from North Carolina and it was a frivolous charge and that you would not see this, there.” I said, “They violated my rights, the 4th Amendment.” She said, “You let him in.” However, he is not supposed to trick me, and lie telling me, that my sister told him bullshit. I was pissed at her (my sister) at first but, I know she did not. In addition, I had been her only protection. I said, “I called to protect my sis, and I go to jail because it wasn’t physical. No. He is the one 3 times in the past few years looking for John Hampton .I told them “I don’t know him” , they said they have a tip that he was down on my other sister’s land. Two and half acres, between us. I WAS ALWAYS NICE EVEN LET them LOOK IN my PLACE. I never saw the person before. Ashburn, always tried tricking me. It never worked. Therefore, I told Ruth Baldwin “I think that’s why he did this to me.” I mean I still cannot believe that any cop would take that for evidence. Especially when I called for help and then canceled. Ruth Baldwin acted all nice. She kept saying, “Was it hard for me to get there”? I thought she wanted to meet halfway or something. She said we would take it all the way to the Supreme Court, if we had to and have a jury trial. I said oh I would love to actually have a jury trial and show the jury the evidence. If it was what he took .She said, “lots of times they don’t show up if they know they did something wrong.” I said “what? He violated the 4th amendment. December 3 2013: no public defenders except one young man .No judge for half hour. Young man looked scared to death when I asked if he was a lawyer. I was at the front bench in Judge Reed’s Court. I filed My Answer and Motion to Quash, that morning .Those clerks did not know what I was talking about. I thought they filed things. Anyway, I had been watching U tube, Jurisdictions and Natural Man. However, I screwed it up, did not know exactly what I was doing. However, Paul, that room, when it got fuller: Jack Fortner(lawyer) prosecutor DA Johnathan Lord, and all of them looked at me as if they are scared to death. I mean the room, full audience. Ruth Baldwin was hurrying acting all nervous messing with papers. All I did was scoot down further to the right , I swear that bigger guy if I heard the name I’d know , but they looked scare to death. Jack Fortner was the worst, sweating and I swear when I moved down so I could see him better, he kept trying to move more to left of where he he stood. The Judge comes, does not say a thing. They say, “All rise”. In addition, start cases. Ruth finally realizes I am there. She looks at me and motions to walk with her, takes me to little room to talk. At first meeting, she said, “she would call when she watched the video, and would have me come in. Then she says, “You probably have a hard time getting here.” I never answered thought strange every time. I sent a letter from my mom complaining about Kirk always sneaking in trees and bugging us .I sent papers from the hospital that stated my sisters reason for visit was (ADULT ABUSE ).From Kirk beating of my sister . Mom called he beat her bad she could not walk .Had search & Rescue there. She was in the hospital for a night. (Adult Abuse). I sent the letter to Ruth. I am tired, we sit she says “I spoke with Ashburn and he’s willing to lower the charges if you commit to 365 days drug court, I SAID” WHAT?” I told her it says “Petty misdemeanor and paraphilia a misdemeanor.” In addition, did she not even remember what she said, about the Supreme Court and Frivolous Case? We would take it all the way?” She said, “Well if we take it to a jury you could get a year and a half.” I said “what”? We argued for about 20 mins. I told her “I filed my answer. “As soon as she heard, I filed anything she looked shocked and nervous. She said, “I was not supposed to file anything at all; I had to go through her.” I was not saying the right words, not how I learned on U tube, Clifford Dean (how to take back our Sovereign rights) and I was pissed because, she said, “she was representing me, and that she was deciding the case. I said, “No you are not representing me,” we yelling, she even said that she was the one to decide my case. This was pretrial, she gets up yelling \she’s saying she is gonna do something but I couldn’t hear, so I followed her. She did not like it, but was trying to calm herself. She was fumbling with papers at the stand. Ashburn, standing right by me. I addressed the Judge, asked if she received my answer affidavit, I forgot to say Motion. I labeled it, Answer Affidavit and Motion to Quash. She said “ yes” , well I think she(Public Defender ) was supposed to talk ,but Ruth was busy ,flipping through papers like I was not even there . I asked nicely” if I could ask a question ,What law were we practicing ?” she yelled at me “Criminal Law “, I said “oh nice calm, well I just wanted to know , what about common law ?” I ask, “What jurisdiction we were in?” She stood up and screamed at top of her lungs at me “The COUNTY OF SAN JUAN”. I said “you don’t have Jurisdiction over me”. She calmed then I ask if “her job was a Government job.” That woman screamed at me threatened me with removal by Ashburn . Then she calmed (She seemed lost) confused. I kept telling her “I do not work for the Government and I was not in the Military, and they did not have jurisdiction over me.” She Stood up pointed at me and screamed, “Ms. Beecroft if you say one more word, I’ll have you removed and in jail for contempt. I said, “Well you are the one that asked me the question.” I could hear the audience breaths of shock from behind me. However, I had no one, no support, friend nothing. I ask, “If she was working under her oath she took to protect my rights that day and she lost it. She would not answer me, Ruth asked and Reed screamed it “YES” She said she did not know what the 4th Amendment meant , she did not know what I was talking about when I said Title 18 sections 242 . I said “and you’re a judge???? She said, “you have no rights and that she gave Dan Ashburn Jurisdiction Over me, That I was in his total Control.” I laughed a little , and mad said this is a joke is it a real; courtroom cause Judge and Public Pretender don’t know I have Civil Rights and God Given Rights . Ruth talked to judge fast so I could not hear. However, she said something about get back in 10 days. And I yelled” oh no I won’t I don’t understand anything and I am not doing anything, and they don’t have Jurisdiction over me.” She screamed, “She did because I was a citizen of San Juan County and that gave her and Ashburn jurisdiction.” I was already guilty without a hearing at all. Ruth was still messing with papers. I asked nice, “mam, can I just ask one more question? was she working under her Oath she took to protect my civil rights ?” She told me “Ashburn had the right to tell me what I can put in my body and out.” In the middle of the courtroom, still a few people and cops, 2 or well, I know Ashburn was there. Ruth said again, “Ashburn agreed to lower charges if I do 365 days Drug court.” In addition, in court they said, “I had Drugs.” “I said What Drugs?” I described the male stems about half my hand full. They said I was guilty by association when I yelled “THE San Juan County Cops Killed my Friend Randy Sills in that Jail And over my Dead Body will I do anything.” She threatened me. Therefore, I had two judges no public defender. Paul I messed up a lot I know. And on my Notarized Affidavit of the truth story I did put my name on it were it says in the county of San Juan.” Ruth asked me if I understood her, “that I had to do drug court 365 days”. I told her “I did not stand under her, nor did I understand her. I do not know what to do next. I did not even think of asking for a surety bond. But Paul I don’t know what to do now. I was trying to establish Jurisdiction. I know I am the Executor and Director and they are the Trustees but, I did not know the right words to say. In addition, they got me mad. I screamed “That They Killed Randy Sills my friend. And that over my dead body would I do anything and I said I did not understand anything. “Ruth said, “You could go over there and make an appointment.” That’s when I said “I wasn’t doing Shit”.. I need Help Advice. Do they have tapes, can I get them? Or recordings. I know I do not want to be in the Bankers Vaults they call jails .Thank You for Dedicating your life to tearing down that fake false 11 th judicial district. I remember you said Sandra Price and Allen whitehead forged election documents and impersonated state officials. Please please call me or come over. Randy Sills , and Harley Sills Friend I Love You Paul; for caring to save us from the murderers. Please give me advice. Will they kill me if I ask for the surety (bond) , bond? Don’t they have to show it? I was so mad and in shock and they do not swear you in so my plan was messed up. I barely learned a little on u tube. They never seen my Id . It says Banks ,I am a widow ,MDV said I had to bring a legal document to change my name and take back my maiden name . They told me that I did not change it back at Social Security, but I did . I brought them a birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate. They told me they were not legal documents. And that I had to pay a judge 75 dollars, and they would give me the legal document. I never did it . So my Id says Banks. But that cop asked my name I said Jessene Beecroft . All court papers say Beecroft. My driver’s license says Banks I am in the middle EEOC CASE Against USPS Navajo DAM. Long story too I am pro se and have direct evidence of retaliation and a lot. But I need to claim my rights back Sovereign. I am freezing and tired so good night for now. Jessene Beecroft. Oh ya Do you remember me? Safeway Harley and Randy Sills I hope I can Help You! I do not even have my 22 it missing after I was in jail. My cell 505-608-0746, I get a text, no voicemail. I pray I hear from you. LEARNING LEARNING and fighting for Justice. You’re Friend Forever.

By Jessene Beecroft

Jessene Roe Beecroft  1903 Highway 511 Navajo Dam NM 87419 Dan Ashburn , Mauldin arrest no warrant no victim , no harm   . They harmed me . And i harmed the Judge Reed but don’t know really what was doing . damn I wish I had a witness , Maybe , do they record and erase  They all scared to death when seen me and i haven’t seen them in years . I did not do anything to thm . But they know I knew Randy and Harley  Jessene Beecroft

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International War crimes

Affidavit for My Friend Randy Lee Sills – Murdered by The Hands of The Enemy Within

Randy SillsjpgRandyComes now  Jessene Roe Beecroft  hereinafter  (affiant )  on this April 28th day of 2018 being of lawful age ,qualified and competent to testify and having firsthand knowledge of the following facts ,do hereby declare that the facts stated herein are true ,correct and not misleading :  ,                                                                                                                                                     1.    Affiant moved to the little oil field town of Aztec New Mexico sometime in 1983 or 1984.  Affiant  met Randy Lee Sills. Randy  was affiant’s  friend ,a true  gentleman and a working man that always found a way to put a smile on anyone’s face .                                                               Randy and affiant used to have a few beers together Randy  was friends with affiant’s Dad, both affiant’s  brothers,  sisters Randy  was family and loved by everyone that knew Randy .                                                                                                                                    2.One night 2003 Randy and affiant  were at Randy’s house  for dinner. Randy  said “Jessene I want you to do me a favor “,  looking   serious (Randy was never serious  was always joking. But tonight Randy was not. Randy  said    “Jessene I want you to do me a favor …. I want you to wear a sexy dress to my funeral ………and I want you to stand up and tell the people there what a crazy no good crazy fucker I was …….and then tell em something nice about me .I want you to tell Cindy that I loved her, tell her she was the one for me and tell her I’m sorry I was an asshole, but she was my one true love in life. And Jessene I want you to do this cause their gonna get me for this,” he held up his beer “cause I can’t …., cause  ….I ain’t gonna quit ….., and then ……they’re gonna kill me …..because of what my Dad knows. ( Affiant did not believe affiant’s  friend…                                                                                                                         3. Affiant  knew Randy’s  dad Harley Sills, Harley was affiant’s favorite customer at the local Safeway where affiant checked groceries. Harley did the shopping they lived a few blocks away. And every time affiant saw Harley, Harley  was telling affiant  about the corruption in The San Juan County 11th Judicial District Courts, Harley  would tell everyone that the courts  were not lawfully here and that the flag they flew had gold fringe on it and that meant the law of the sea. Affiant  did not get it then.   Harley said, “they have no bond the courts have no bond they are maritime admiralty courts they are putting people in jail for nothing and don’t have the right to do it. Tell everyone you know that everyone that has been in jail here should be let out and paid for damages no matter what they did they were there unlawfully .”  Gmail – Jessene                                                                                                                                                4.  Affiant  did not get it . and no one affiant told did either .                                                                    5. 1996 -1998 in this time affiant  had a friend that was facing prison time Ruben was down. Affiant came home from work one night to find Ruben in Ruben’s truck with a long black hose  reaching  from  tailpipe to the wing window ,Ruben wasn’t moving ,the truck was not running. Scared  was Ruben  going to swing if Ruben woke  ? …………. Affiant did wake up Ruben was alive.                                                            6. Excuse me !!!! But Ruben Reyes Romero   his daughter and everyone that  loved Ruben  and vice versa had to  go through this because some BITCH on a BENCH wants their NICE CARS AND HOMES AND ACT LIKE THEY ARE ROYALTY  BETTER THAN THE POOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN DRUGGED BY THE SAME PEOPLE THAT PUT THEM IN JAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                   7. Affiant  knows affiant  used to go with affiant’s  ex-boyfriend to pick up the drugs that Judge George Harrison’s private plane would drop in tires at Cutter Dam.                                                  8. Affiant  went to court with Ruben the next day, affiant had to hide Rubens cowboy boots so affiant  could sleep and not worry if Ruben took off. George Harrison was the District Judge ordering  the recorder off then “ if I don’t get a yes answer to the next question then you will go before a jury and they don’t like Mexican drug dealers with tattoos .”           9. Harrison  suspended the 18-month sentence and gave Ruben  9 and a half years for the 3 strikes your out bitch.                                                                                                          10.Ruben  is in a halfway house in Albq. New Mexico now after doing another 9 years  7. Ruben did it because Ruben did not want Ruben’s  sister to go to jail Melissa  had kids too and Ruben’s daughter was  3 or 4 then. Orvasena Robinson was Ruben’s  public pretender, Orvazena  saw the whole thing said: “I don’t know something is way bad wrong to take the plea something is way bad wrong .” Affiant will never forget what affiant  witnessed. That was affiant’s  first time in a courtroom.                                                                                        11.Affiant’s  friend Chelly made affiant  meet Winfred P Adams USAF major retired and tell Paul what happened. Affiant did, used to meet with Paul  regularly.Affiant did not know that Paul was Harley’s partner in fighting and exposing and educating the people about what they knew. Paul dedicated his life for our freedom and so did Harley.  2018-04-28-14-45-53randy             12. 2004 Randy got a DWI was in jail. Randy had been in jail a couple days Harley came in Safeway  said “Jessene ….. I just got back from Carla Dials Chambers and I asked her to produce her Bond and she DID NOT PRODUCE IT!  ”    It was a day or two Randy was dead. That man affiant’s  friend Randy Lee Sills 6ft did not kill himself with a sheet hanging from a 3 ft doorknob  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13.If Randy  was going to do that Randy would have ,when they accused Randy  of murder, it was self-defense proved, and CARLA DIAL said at the court after Harley gave Dial  $100.000.00 bond “that’s the first time I ever let anyone out on bail for murder .” Randy was very depressed  had to kill  Calvin  while  helping out, letting Calvin stay at Randy’s house . Affiant  knows because affiant heard what Calvin said that night in affiant’s checkstand Calvin said “ I ought to kill him right now. “there were a lot more witnesses .                                                                                                            14. The cops gave Harley the tapes ,ya with nothing on them! Affiant seen them while Harley wrote a letter stating that if Harley was found in a bathtub from a drug overdose that Harley did not do it  that the Aztec Cops or San Juan County Sheriff’s did it .Harley told affiant that affiant better write one too  because affiant  gave a  letter to Paul to file in the District Court . No one that eye witnessed it would write a letter for Randy for fear from cops.Affiant’s friend Howard Hardman a year ago asked for Harley and told affiant  what Howard  saw ,Howard  was ready to write the letter. Affiant had to tell Howard that Harley was  no longer with us.                                                                                                       15. Jo lost her daughter Robin, her son Randy and now her grandson Josh Stevens so they could hurt Harley ,Harley said: “they know they can’t hurt me so they take my kids .”                                                                                                                                              The Truth Nothing but the truth so help me Yahweh, Jessene Roe Beecroft. Affiant  ask for Justice to be served by affiant’s friend Jo Sills, I love her sooo much. When affiant told Jo …” I remembered every word and that Jo  needed Justis ,Jo  said “ Randy and Harley are in Heaven saying “Get Em Jessene!”.     Please for Jo affiant  ask in the loving holy Name of Yahshua( Jesus ) kjsxiudw ihd ehxs , Jessene Roe Beecroft1917253

Witness Darren Armenta

Certified American National


Exposing Political Corruption, International War crimes, Violations of The Universal Declaration of Human Right Violations



Go to The United States of America ,state your claim ! The Human Right Defenders and The Private Attorney


OPPT Courtesy Notice [Paper Action]-reformated_ USE THIS ONE.doc mrjorie yes this one

Violations of The Universal Declaration of Human Right Violations

Affidavit : My Person Has Been Human Trafficked

Comes now Jessene Roe Beecroft, (hereinafter, Affiant )an American National, with no affiliation with the American Bar Association.  lawful age and competent to testify ,and having first hand knowledge of the following facts ,do hereby declare that facts stated herein are true correct and not misleading .  Do this 334th Day in the Year of Yahweh 6019 translated (26th Day of February 2018) write an updated Report and Formal Complaint of Multiple Violations, of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  September eighteenth, 2013: Affiant was kidnapped (arrested )by Gary Mauldin (respondent # 2 )a San Juan County Sheriff. He put his hand on his gun and said “come on I’m not gonna stand here and argue with your Mom all Day.”

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